Welcome to one of the largest and most respected Shaolin Kung Fu schools in the world. Our style of martial art originates from the Shaolin temples in both northern and southern China, and is now taught at centres around the world. 

We employ traditional training methods which have been used for centuries to teach kung fu to Shaolin monks, alongside more modern methods to help our students learn self-defence techniques and improve their fitness.  

We believe that this helps our students to get away from the pressures and distractions of modern life and develop mental and physical strength whilst learning a traditional Chinese martial art which is relevant to modern life.

What our students say

Alex (30) Ealing/London, UK
I have been training with NPC for just over 6 months and I have really seen a significant difference in my fitness levels and I find it an invaluable way to get rid of tension and relax.  The classes are varied, fun and friendly.

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Exams Dates



- March 22nd 2015    

- June 14th 2015

- July 11th 2015 (Senior Grading)

- September 20th 2015

- December 13th 2015


- March 7th 2015

- June 6th 2015

- September 19th 2015

- December 5th 2015


- March 14th 2015

- June 27th 2015

- November 28th 2015


- July 18th 2015

- December 12th 2015


- May 30th 2015

- December 5th 2015


- June 20th 2015

- November 28th 2015